Public Involvement Strategy

We design and implement programs that successfully navigate contentious or complex issues to achieve work-able results for the agency and the public.


Through community profiles, stakeholder interviews and just plain old fact finding, we can help determine who should be involved in a project and which issues are important to them.


Whether facilitating an advisory committee, public workshop, board meeting or leadership retreat, JLA can help build consensus around difficult issues by bringing disparate interests to the table for honest dialogue.


We work with agency partners and stakeholders to develop effective communication strategies and decision-making structures that build successful project teams.


We establish processes that enable stakeholders to listen to one another in an honest, open setting that avoids the emotional triggers that prevent constructive dialogue.

Public Information & Outreach

We write and produce clear, professional, and attention-grabbing public information materials, including newsletters, websites, fact sheets, press releases, videos, and meeting notices.

Event Planning

Designing, staging and managing public events, from small gatherings to large community forums, is something we do on a regular basis.