Effective engagement.
Better outcomes.


Connecting people to the public decisions that impact their lives since 1988.

Our region is constantly changing. For the last three decades, we’ve been helping public agencies and communities plan and implement change, together. It’s not always easy—often, it’s really hard. That’s why we exist.

Rosie is our mascot.  Read to find out why .

Rosie is our mascot. Read to find out why.



Public involvement is a dynamic, ever-changing discipline. We bring fresh, unique strategies to every project, adapting to new needs and evolving our approach.

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Our goal is to reach people who are impacted, interested and influential, as well as those who are have been traditionally under-represented in public decisionmaking. We don’t expect them to come to us. We actively work to reach diverse stakeholders, speak their language and be deserving of their trust.



We’re for good public process. That means building relationships and having genuine conversations—listening and responding. Our work happens at local, regional and state-wide levels, resulting in better decisions and projects.


Who we work with

JLA works with public agencies, project delivery teams, Community partners and stakeholders to make public projects better.


We bring our personal backgrounds to our work.

As the most comprehensive public involvement firm in Oregon, we know working with a variety of people and skillsets is key to our projects' success as well as our own.